Practice News

16th Jun

Cupcake Day - 17 June 2021

Lisa Mackin, Laura Bonanni and Dr Thiara are running this event tomorrow to help raise funds for this cause close to our hearts. We will be serving cupcakes in a socially distanced room at the surgery if anyone would like to pop in and see us - Thursday 17th 12-2pm

8th Jun

Planned data sharing

Further our post 1.6.2021, we were delighted to hear an announcement today that the planned data sharing proposed for July 1st has now been delayed until September at least.  We feel that this gives time now for a proper in depth public information campaign and will hopefully allow patients to make a fully informed decision on whether or not you are happy to have your pseudo-anonymised data extracted for research purposes.

We would ask you to decide if you are happy to have your data shared or not and if you would like to opt out please do complete the forms in the blog from 1.6.21 so that we can register your wishes.  Please find below a statement from the BMA today

1st Jun

General Practice proposed data capture planned 1 July 2021

We have recently been informed that the NHS plans to extract anonymised data from all GP records nationwide.  This data is to be used by third parties for research purposes and the government has decided that the data will be extracted by default unless patients fill in an opt out form.

Here is a link to the official NHS website for further information 

Here is a link to the opt out form Type 1 opt-out form.  A signed copy of this should be handed back to the practice in paper format or electronically.

If you would like to read further into this here is a joint statement from the British Medical Association (BMA) and the Royal College of GP's (RCGP) 

16th May

Message from our CCG (local NHS health managers) about practice access

You may have seen on the news that from Monday 17 May, doors at GP practices are ‘re-opening’.

As you will know, our GP practice has been open throughout the pandemic, offering patients telephone and online appointments, with face to face consultations available for those who need them. This was in-line with national requirements to keep patients safe, whilst COVID infection rates were high and before the vaccination was widespread.

GP practices are now being encouraged to offer patients a choice of whether they would like a remote or face to face consultation. However, before we have more people coming into the surgery to see us in person, we need a bit of time to put in place measures to keep everyone safe.

As we wait for further national guidance on doing that, we ask that patients continue to contact us by phone or online as you have been doing.  We are facing unprecedented demands for our services, including the vaccine rollout and all the associated queries and we will need to continue to adjust how we use our clinicians’ time to best support our patients – particularly those who need us the most.

We will keep you updated as soon as we are clear about how we can re-open our reception areas safely for walk in patients.

Thank you for your support

16th May

Vaccine update and travel

Within our PCN (Primary Care Network) we have administered over 22,000 covid vaccinations at Bridgewater House. 14,000 of these were first doses for patients in cohorts 1-9 and, as of 10 May, over 8,000 second doses.


Please note that we are no longer offering 1st doses at the surgery, so any now eligible patients will need to have their first dose elsewhere. If you are currently due a Covid vaccine, you can book your appointment at a mass vaccination centre via the following link or by calling the central booking system on 119.  The eligibility list is shown on the booking link above and is updated as the eligibility changes.


If you had your first dose at Bridgewater House, the inviting practice (usually your registered GP surgery) will text you a booking link for you second dose approximately 10 weeks after the first dose was given.  If you are registered with Bridgewater Surgeries and had your first dose at Bridgewater House over 10 weeks ago but have not heard from us, please let us know.  If you are a patient at Garston Medical Centre, New Road Surgery or Baldwins Lane Surgery – please contact you own practice directly.


The Government assure us that from May 17th patients should be able to access their COVID-19 vaccination via the free NHS App. Many patients can already view their vaccines via the NHS app. Please see  for further information on downloading this. There are many other useful features available on the NHS app


If you do not have access to a smartphone and know that the country you are travelling to requires a COVID-19 vaccination status you can call the NHS helpline on 119 (from 17th May) and ask for a letter to be posted to you.  Please see for further information. 



5th May

What is eConsult

eConsult is an excellent way to access help, including making a request for a routine appointment, or making an admin query.

There is also a wealth of information on various medical conditions and things that can help, even before you speak to a clinician.

The process is simple. Here is a link to a YouTube video on how to do it...


4th May

A video from Dr Hodes on how to use eConsult

eConsults, accessible through the homepage of our website, allow you to get help without having to phone the surgery. You can request a non-urgent appointment or make a routine admin query.

As well as requesting help from one of our staff, there is also a wealth of information on you medical condition and ways to manage your illness before contacting a clinician.

The process is simple and Dr Hodes has provided a video demonstration of how the system works. Please follow the link below to watch it.